Engineering Management

I am Senior Project Manager, 48 year and have international project experience of which 24 years are from Pharmaceutical, Biotech projects undertaken at Novo Nordisk and my own company TEKNIKON A/S.


I have Engineering Technology Management and I have a broad process related background based on technical understanding and little microbiological knowledge. I am a distinct contractor, vendor, generalist,
and concept developer. For me it is about to create, develop and implement solutions that deliver results.

I create solutions and emphasize communication and I aim at developing creative, thoughtful solutions that can be implemented throughout the many different parts of an organization or project. Innovation is
a key word
- to think differently, but always closely aligned with ethics, internal desires and needs. I have the attitude that solutions are best when as many as possible work in the same direction.


I am results-oriented, but also a motivating team builder, coach and politician believe that all procedures must be nurtured and all "flowers watered differently". I want to be a visible and committed team
player that can coach and motivate on many levels - is evident in the actions and words and emphasize the "freedom with responsibility". Through working with many different cultures and professions, I am
used to dealing with and resolving political problems on different levels, as well as motivate and advise various employee groups.