Engineering Management




Engineering Management (EM) is responsible for setting technical direction (issuing standards and procedures).

Responsible for consistency of work, cross-disciplinary quality reviews, compliance with codes and regulations.

All interfaces and coordination between disciplines study and clarifies extent. Engage in problem solving if necessary interdisciplinary.

Responsible for the complete, coherent and consistent design and report to the management team.

Ensuring the proper disciplines of the overall process from Design to Handover.

To identify risks to (Risk Management) obstacles and reduce or prevent errors, delays and cost overruns.

Incorporate structure, onset icebreaker where it makes sense for ease and efficiency.

Focus for progress in relation to A-level and B-level milestones, document management.  

Ensure that document handling follow Procedure. Manage and communicate change control a cross the WPO. Coordination of C&Q activities,
(Commissioning and Qualification).








Project Management (PM) is responsible for